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He's already taken, but I want him!
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q: How do I get a guy to like me if heis alreay going out with someone else?

A: Sorry to tell you there is reallyno way to make a guy like you if he already has a girlfriend. The bestthing that you can do is be his friend and be there when he needs you.By being his best friend, if he and his girlfriend have a fight he willrun to you. I know it seems like all the good guys are always taken, butthere is someone out there for you and if not maybe this boy will wakeup and see that you two are meant to be together. Don't try and stealhim away from his current girlfriend, you wouldn't like it if ithappened to you! Also, if he'll cheat on his current girlfriend with youthen sad to say that means there's a good chance he'll cheat on you! Youcan do better than that. Sorry we couldn't help you with your problem,but I hope this helps a little!
--MC : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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