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Distance and Jealousy...
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q: I met this great girl on a cruise during a past Spring Vacation. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and I live here in Kentucky. We have been going out with each other for over four months now. I really do love her, and she claims the same. The problem of coarse, is distance and jealousy. I'm afraid that she may be cheating on me. She claims that she isn't over and over again, I believe her it's just that everyone one is saying that I should break up with her and that it's an impossible relationship. I'm also afraid that she may break up with me soon, but.....I don't know, I'm so bewildered. Is there any advice that you could give me?

A: Wow, tough boat to be in (sorry about the pun). You gotta believe her. The more you question her cheating the more you will push her away. Girls are difficult to understand. You have to show you care enough and are a little jealous yet at the same time they want you to show them that you trust them...

Here's the part you don't want to hear. Since you are so far away, and so young (guessing you're not in college yet).. that it is probably best you not focus all of your efforts towards her. You can still stay in contact with her, but don't be tied down to not thinking or meeting girls in your area. You will meet MANY MANY MANY more women over the next 10 years. You may still end up with the Canadian girl. One of my best friend's parents dated all during high school. They had long distance relationship during first year in college then said forget it. well 3 years later, they ended up dating again and got married. The father tells us he dated ALOT during their 3 year breakup.

So, basically, don't get all stressed about it... if it will it will. it's not an impossible relationship, but it is a very painful one. who do you take to the school dances? you need to think about all of the Kentucky nights you are missing out on.

I've had crushes on girls that ended up dating other guys, then ended up wanting to date me later.. I didn't get mad that they were with other guys in between our first date (she said she wanted to be friends) and our 2nd date 9 months later.
--MH : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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