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It's my first time... will I bleed?
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q: Okay, me and my boyfriend are talking about having sex soon. I'm all for it, I just have a question. They say for your first time, the girl bleeds. I just want to know, how bad will I bleed, and when will I start bleeding after we have sex.....or will it be during??

A: Thanks for your question to DatingFun! Here's the deal regardingbleeding during your first time having sex... it rarely happens. Whenpeople say you will bleed during sex it is because you have broken yourhymen, a thin membrane, that goes across the opening of your vagina.Years ago, bleeding during sex was a sign of virginity. Today, however,woman are extremely active and usually tear the hymen at an early age.It is even possible to tear your hymen when you insert a tampon! So,chances are you've already broken your hymen and don't even know it; itdoesn't mean you're not a virgin though... a lot of people feel that ifthey don't bleed the first time they have sex they aren't virgins,that's not true. Until you have had actual penetration, you are avirgin. So back to your question, when will you bleed, how much and whenwill it happen? Well, you probably won't bleed at all and if you do itwill only be a little bit and it will happen while you are having sex.But don't worry, it's natural and nothing to freak out about. On anothernote, it is good that you and your boyfriend have been talking aboutsex. It is a big decision and virginity can only be given once, makesure he is the right one and that you guys use protection... you can getpregnant the first time. Enough of my rambling, I hope all of thishelps. If you have any more questions, feel free to write back and Iwill answer them to the best of my ability. Now go have fun and makesure he wears a condom!
--MC : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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