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Dating Articles      
  advice · articles · questions ·going bald

I'm Going Bald... Should I Shave?
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q: I have a question regarding men's hairstyles. I am balding and decided four years ago to shave my head completely bald for a cleaner look. I received a lot of positive attention from women at the time. However over the last year or so I have noticed more men with longer Hair and women paying less attention to bald-headed men. Are bald-headed men out and long-haired guys in? And can the balding look really be considered a clean-cut look?

A: My opinion on the situation is that if you are aguy that is slowly losing your hair and your "power alleys," as myfriends like to call them, are growing by the day, then sure go aheadand shave your head. No one will notice that you are going bald and itwill give you some time to deal with it otherwise. Beyond that shavingyour head is a personal thing. Every girl, and guy for that matter, hasa certain type of person they are attracted to. It shouldn't matter whatyour hair looks like, it should matter what kinda guy you are and if youtreat your women nicely. :-) My guess is you are a great guy and if agirl doesn't pay attention to you because you have a shaved head, it isher loss. One caveat though, if you live in a town where having a shavedhead could signify something (i.e. skinheads or a gang related group)you may want a full head of hair. I'll tell you this, I've dated bothguys with shaved heads and without, while it is nice to run my fingersthrough their hair when we hug and kiss, it's not that big a deal. Dowhat makes you happy and in the end you'll be better off. Hope thisanswers your question. Thanks for writing to us.
--MC : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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