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Dating Articles      
  advice · articles · questions ·headache

It's so good my head hurts...
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q:Why do I sometimes get a headache during sex?

A: Sounds like you are suffering from what doctors call coital cephalagia, or sexual headaches. According to Dr. Seymour Diamond, the pain, which typically begins during foreplay, peaks with orgasm, and can last for an hour afterward, is caused by sudden changes in bloodflow. "During arousal, your heart rate and blood pressure go up quickly, and that can cause blood vessels in the brain to swell," furthermore, "prolonging foreplay can prevent that surge in blood pressure."

Our advice? Take a couple Advil before you know you'll be having sex and let you worries fall away!

Some information from Cosmopolitan Magazine : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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