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Dating Articles      
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You're in for the long haul, baby!
Your Questions Answered By Us

Q: How do I keep my long-term relationship strong, fun and happy?

A: Well, if I knew the answer to that I could makemillions... Seriously, there is no right way or somet thing inparticular you can do to ensure that your relationship will stay intact.I have been in a long distance relationship for the past three years andI can tell you that it's the little things that keep us together. Likefor example, today I my boyfriend emailed me a little note sayingnothing but "I Love You," no hello, no goodbye, just a quick note. Itmade me smile and it has kept him in my mind all afternoon. Even if youaren't in a long distance relationship, the little things matter. Sendyour mate a quick email from time to time. Just put a thought in thierhead about you. Or send them a real card. Everyone loves to get mail...Spend time doing things together that you normally wouldn't. Instead ofsitting there watching tv together, play card games; you'll interact andstill get to chill out. Put a love note in your mates briefcase or inthe pocket of a pair of pants. When they find it they will smile andthink of you. Try and spice things up in the bedroom. I'm not saying goinvest in leather and bondage, just don't always do things the same way.If you've only ever done it one way, try a new position. Invest in somelubricants or furry handcuffs. Like I said, keep it simple...simplicityis always easier and is usually more successful! Try going out and doingnew things together. My boyfriend and I have a list of new restaurantsand we have to go to a new one at least once month. It gives ussomething to look forward to as well as a way to discover new things,together. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. I guessjust don't try too hard and things will come as they should. Remember,you already have the guy so you don't have to WOW him anymore; but youdon't want to let yourself go or things get dull, either. I hope this helps...
--MC : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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