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Celebrity Dating      
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   No matter how hard they try to make us believe they areperfect, even famous people have trouble when it comes to dating...They weren't always so popular! Here are some funny, and true, anecdotesfrom the celebrities we all love...
  • Lucky lads who dated Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in high-school were often bemused by her father's efforts to put them at ease. "When they used to pick me up," she once recalled, "Dad would open the front door... completely naked."

  • One night when Adam Sandler was in the sixth grade, the telephone rang while the family was having dinner."My mom said, 'Adam, Kim's on the phone,'" Sandler recalled. "And I said to my dad, 'See that? The girls are calling!' "I got on the phone and said hello. And then I hear, 'This is Kim' - and she tells me the girl I was dating wants to break up with me...""I said, 'OK.' I walked back to the table, and my Dad says, 'How'd that go?' I said, 'Good.' He said, 'What'd she say?' I told him, 'She said she was excited to see me tomorrow.' He said, 'All right. Good job.' And then I stared at my plate and tried not to cry the whole dinner."

  • Tom Selleck (best known for his role as Thomas Magnum on television's "Magnum, P.I.") once appeared as a contestant on "The Dating Game"... and wasn't chosen.

  • After Freddy Prinze, Jr won an award at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, he turned to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar and kissed her on the lips. Jon Stewart later asked Prinze about the incident, pointing out that such impromptu kisses were more typically delivered on the cheek. "Yeah, we'd just met," Prinze explained, "and we got along pretty well!"[They were later married.]

  • Incredibly, the lovely Reese Witherspoon was stood up by her date for the high school prom. What did she do? She went anyway... with her father.

  • Seann William Scott once had a date with a certain waitress who suggested that they go for sushi. Though he had never had it before, Scott, hoping to impress the young lady, professed a love for sushi and agreed.Having arrived at a suitable restaurant, Scott's date invited him to order. "I like it all," he replied evasively. "Why don't you order?" She did and their meal soon arrived, accompanied by a curious green sauce, which Scott applied liberally to a piece of sushi...Instantly, his whole body "got hot" and everything slowed down "like the movie Tron"."Aaaaare yoooou Okkkkkkay?" asked the date. "Do not throw up," he begged himself. "Do NOT throw up!"And? He threw up... all over his date. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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