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Cheating- What To Look For...      
  dating advice · tommy · cheating

   Is my mate cheating on me? It seems this is the question I'm posed the most and my answer is always the same: If you have to ask it, it's more than likely happening. But wait, don't panic! There are exceptions to the rule, so let's talk about what to look for.

Most cheaters have a familiar pattern. They all think no one is watching, unless you have made it clear you are watching them.

My suggestion is to stay calm and don't question or threaten them. Allow them to go about their business. Just watch and take notes.

Here are some things to watch for:
1). Work schedule changes, more trips are being taken.

2). Work attire changes, dressing up becomes more frequent.

3). Cologne is being worn or a change of cologne is worn.

4). When you call the place of work, you're frequently let off the phone quickly.

5). There are more late hours at work.

6). Attitude changes, including less patience and more anger.

7). A distant and unavailable presence of mind and body.

8). A trip straight to the bathroom to cleanup upon arriving home.

9). The cell phone is turned off when around you.

10). Exercise habits change/increase.

   One last thing to remember, when you fell in love with your mate, he/she was your entire world. Don't let that change. Always stay interested, no matter what it takes. It is worth the time you invest.

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