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Sharing The Big News      
  dating guides · engagement ·share

   Yippee! You're finally engaged! But now the big question is who to tell next. We're going to assume the bride's parents already know, because forsaking an extremely valid reason such as the bride hasn't spoken to them in years, any true gentleman will ask the brides parents first.

So who do you tell next? Well any kids involved come first. If you or your mate has any kids from a previous relationship, they should be your first priority as they are the one getting a new stepparent.

Next you must choose between parents and friends. If your parents like your mate and you're sure they will approve, then by all means call and share the news. It is best to tell one set at a time and allow them to express their emotions freely. If your parents are already great friends, then feel free to tell them together. The decision is really up to you. Regardless, how you tell your parents is dependent on how well you know each other's parents and they know you and whether it will be a joyous occasion or the start of WWIII. If you parents don't approve of you mate, for whatever reason, you probably want to break the news on your own.

Now that the family is out of the way, it's time to share the news with your friends. So go and shout it from the rooftop and tell everyone you know about your great news. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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