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Smell Good Stuff for Guys      
  dating guides · etiquette · grooming ·cologne

Cheap cologne is bad news. It's that simple, we don't want to smell you 20 feet away and if you've gotbad smelling stuff on, you're not getting any. So how do you prevent this horrible disaster from happeningyou ask? Simple, follow our instructions and smell good forever!

How to buy: A good department store will have a men's fragrance counter.Spray a little on your wrist, wait a second, then sniff. Don't spray it all over the storeand then start chasing the smell.

How to use: Read carefully- 2 to 3 spritzes (or about a dime-size pour) is just fine. Anymore than that and youmight as well just pour the bottle over your head.

What's in it:: Mostly alcohol with some acetone, synthetic fragrances and some spices used in food.

What's the difference between brands: Better brands use essential oils, like sandalwood, thatchange as you wear them. Synthetic fragrances don't blend with the skin's natural aroma.

The Goods
(our picks for the best smell good stuff) : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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