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Table Manners       « 1·2·3
  dating guides · etiquette · manners

Here are the rest of the rules for table manners. Practice and follow them and we promise you'll be ready for dinner with the President in no time...

Want some bread? There's a right way and a wrong way… take only one slice of bread not half the loaf… and put it on your plate. DO NOT BUTTER yet. It's a common mistake. Don't worry, we got ya covered. So you're ready for some butter? Well, take some butter from the butter plate and put it on your plate, NOT on your bread. Now you have your own little pile and won't continually fish from the communal dish. Next, tear a bite size piece off of your bread. Butter that bite-sized piece from your own little butter pile in two swiping motions. That's it though, no more than 2 motions… you aren't painting here! Now you are ready to eat your bread…

Someone asks for the butter dish, what do you do? If you are the closest to it, then you reach for it and pass it. You are not allowed to serve yourself some first, that's just poor form.

You like salt and pepper? Wait until you've at least tasted the food before you douse it with seasoning. It is a major insult to the cook if you don't.

Spill something? Don't make a big deal out of it and don't try to pat down the unsuspecting victim. Just offer them your napkin and apologize.

Feeling like a caveman with a strong urge to use your fingers? Well, some foods are made for fingers and others aren't. If you aren't sure which one applies here, then use your fork.

Pace yourself. Try to keep the same pace as your host so that everyone finishes at the same time. Plus, if you inhale your food rather than taking the time to savor each bite, you are more likely to get indigestion and actually eat more than you normally would.

Okay, so you finally made it through the meal and are ready to get up from the table. Place your fork and knife on the plate so they are parallel to each other, and resting at the eleven o'clock position. This will signal to the waiter or host that you have finished and they are safe to take your plate. Just getting up to go to the bathroom? Place your fork and knife in a X-position, with the knife and fork crossing over your plate. It'll tell whoever's clearing the table that you want that last morsel of goodness!

Whew. You made it. Congratulations! It wasn't that bad now was it?

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