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A Close Shave      
  dating guides · etiquette · grooming ·shaving

A good rule of thumb for those who don't like prickles: If he doesn't shave his face, she doesn't shave her legs. And vice versa. Seriously though, prickles aren't fun-- either grow the beard out and shave it off. We all know it is a hassle to shave every day, but wha't more important to you: getting some or having a half grown in beard that scratches your woman up? Here are some tips for getting an extra close shave:
·Apply a hot towel to your face. The warm water will prepare your face and soften the skin for a closer, better shave.
·Lather up. This will lift the hair up and away from your face, making easier to get close.
·Stick to the grain. Always shave along the grain of your face (the direction in which the hair grows) to prevent ingrown hairs, rashes, bumps and razor burn. Make sure to always use a sharp blade.
·Forget pressure. Avoid using disposable razors as their blades tend to be dull. Keep your blade sharp and fresh, and let it glide along your face rather than dragging it with force.
·Rinse thoroughly. Make sure you get all the shaving cream off your face when you are done. Apply an astringent or aftershave for a cooling feeling. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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