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Slang Dictionary      
  dating guides · slang · dictionary

   There are so many terms for things these days, how are you to know what in cool and what isn't? It's as if there is a complete secret language when it comes to dating. Well, don't worry, we've deciphered that code for you and put things into layman's terms. Here's what we've got:

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Accidental Sex

the person you don't really mean to have sex with, but you're there, you're both drunk, so why not?

Al Gore

a guy who just won't accept that the relationship is over


Dating someone who is older than you

Around the World

The act of kissing the entire body as a prelude to sex

Australian Death Grip

The act of grabbing a woman by the crotch and staring deeply into her eyes until you're slapped or kissed.


born-again virginity; result of an extremely long dry spell, usually 6 months or more


The bulge made by male sex organs in jeans, briefs and trunks

Bed Arrest

being held captive by a post-sex cuddler

Beer Goggles

when you are so drunk that the dog starts looking good, you have beer goggles

Beer Googles

Cyber-searches you run at midnight when you come home slightly soused and widly curious about someone you just met

Billy Joel Syndrome

When someone dates surprisingly above their level (an unattractive guy asks out a totally hot chick)


The cute but underemployed guy with no "interview shoes" and too much time to spend on a new relationship.

Bland Date

The guy who seems so technically perfect that you try to talk yourself into like him... just because you "should"

Booty Call

a late night phone call to someone you know who will come over for sex

Breakfast O's

sex or masturbation first thing in the morning

Buffer Boy

the perfectly nice guy who serves as a cushion to keep you from falling too hard for the man you truly adore


as in "I'm Busy" translation: "Don't call me again"


one who is still a virgin


anal sex


when you'd chew your own arm off to get away from the person lying next to you, they are usually considered to be coyote-ugly

Daisy Chain

a line of people joined end to end in sexual union

Deja Sex

hobbling a former lover for recreational purposes only


a person you are sleeping with until someone better comes along

DNRR Order

do not resuscitate romance order; a directive that you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to revive, or "restart the heart" of, a hopeless past relationship

Do Point

The moment when the air between a new couple has become so saturated with lust and longing that sex is, finally and indubitably, in the forecast


The 26-year-old Internet vet who was a CEO last year and is a nobody now, but still thinks he is the next Bill Gates

Double Bagger

a person so ugly that not only must they wear a bag on their head during sex, it is recommended that you wear one too in case theirs tears off; see also coyote ugly

Drunk Dial

the phone call you make to your current, ex, or potential hotties, when you are extremely intoxicated; usually goes hand in hand with a booty call

Duncan Hinesight

The startling realization that you have scared off a new boyfriend with a homemade gift; regret at having baked or sewn for a man too early in the relatiotionship

Glory Hole

An opening cut into the partition between two commode stalls in a men's restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed

Golden Shower

Urinating on another for sexual pleasure

Guest Star

the noncouple member of a threesome; sometimes referred to as a pinch hitter

Health Risk

a person with a shady rep

Hit On

to put the moves on someone

Infrequent Caller Miles

the points a woman should rack up every time she manages to not call a man

Jail Bait

someone under the age of 18, usually female

John Vain

a guys who's as straighte as John Wayne but as appearance-obsessed as Queer Eye's grooming guy

Kidney Scraper

an extremely well-endowed guy

Knock Off A Piece

to have sex

Macking On

to really put the moves on someone


obsessive watching of your email inbox and careful crafting of letters that occurs in the beginning of an email relationship


a period during which interesting suitors start coming out of the woodwork faster than you can date them

Matching Drapes

reference to whether or not a woman's pubic hair is the hair color on her head. Used in a sentence: "Wow what a hot looking redhead, but I wonder do the curtains match the drapes?".


sex in the afternoon

Missionary Impossible

the traumatic moment when a guy can't get it up and she keeps assuring him it's okay, which by the way, only makes it worse


a womanizer who only sleeps with models


reference to the artist; anything which looks good from far but is just a mess up close

New Year's Adam

the random date you find for December 31 because, hey - you have to kiss someone at midnight


a working lunch in which sex serves as a nutrional substitute

Old Dirt Road

anal intercourse


a chemical copy of the brain's horniness horomone; it is being turned into a nasal spray to make men last longer and women want it more.

Pecker Shock

the panicked feeling you get when you realize that a guy is either way too small, or way too big, for sex to work between you two.

Pencil Sharpener

a chick that gives a rough and toothy blowjob that scrapes your willy up something awful.

Pocket Pool

masturbating thru your pants pocket

Queen in de-Nile

a straightman who hasn't yet realized he's gay.

Relationship Karma

the bad things you did to your last boyfriend come back to haunt you with your next one

Relationship Rerun

the sobering realization that the men you're meeting are basically repeats of the men you've already dated.


relationship defining chat; the moment in all new relationships where the parameters of the relationship are defined.


the act of dating former flames when your current one ends

Rule of Three

a determinant of sexual activity; whatever the guy tells you, divide by 3, whatever the girl tells you add 3 to. It's consistent as gravity.

Sausage Fest

a party or bar that is full of men with very few women; see sword fight


usually in reference to guys who are trying out their newest lines; see macking and hit on

Sea of Hats

a college bar; defined by the white baseball cap uniform worn by all male patrons


a new suitor who comes on so strong, so fast, he literally scares himself off

Sex Haze

euphoric state after the first few sleepovers, during which you suffer from delusions

Sexual Camel

person who can go long periods without sex

Six-Pack Chick/Guy

the amount of beer it would take to make someone attractive; see beer goggles

State of the Union

any major discussion concerning the status of your relationship

Sweat Suitor

a deadly dull boyfriend who is hard to break up with because being with him is so damn comfortable-- like lounging around in your oldest sweats.

Sword Fight

a disdainful comment for a room full of men looking to score -- and no women in sight; see sausage fest


the number of people you've slept with when your current lover asks, regardless of what the truth may be

Tonsil Hockey

making out to the point someone yells "Get a room!"

Toxic Bachelor

a guy who's handsome, romantic, and a commitment-phobe


(\'tram-paj\) A slutty phase, as in "Yeah I slept with him. I'm on a trampage"

Trolling for Cock

women who go out for the sole purpose of "gettin' some" are often referred to as trolling for cock


unidentified drunken injury; random bruises of mysterious origin that appear after a rowdy nigh out


coined by "natural" male porn stars as a way to let their costars know that their marathon erections are not Viagra induced

Wham Bam

rapid and hurried sexual activity : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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