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All for the Nookie      
  dating guides · timeline ·phase 3

At this point you need to decide where the relationship is going. You've been on at least 3 dates in the past 2 weeks and you like this girl. She already thinks you're dating...Where do you go from here? Whether you like the girl and want to continue seeing her, or if you're there for the nookie, we have some ideas to help you along the way. Otherwise it's time to go from pick-up to break-up.

  • Introduce her to your friends. Don't let her go home with them, but make sure they get along. This is the girl you're going to spend all your time with. Your buddies must like her.

  • Let your girl know you are capable of being romantic. Cook her dinner at your place and cover the table in candles. Have a nice bottle of wine ready. You'll be one step closer to the bedroom,if not in it, with this easy activity.

  • Maintain your own identity. Don't let her start changing your wardrobe and hobbies. This is your girlfriend, not your mother. Tell her this. Play football with the boys on Sunday.

  • Start feeling things out. By this point you should be getting some lovin', if you're not you may need to re-evaluate things. Look at each other's sexual pasts and make sure you are on the right track. Remember to get means no.

  • If you're in it just to get some, make sure you don't lead her on. Girls can be vicious and they do talk. You don't want to make her mad and then wonder why everyone knows about your third nipple. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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