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The Pick-Up      
  dating guides · timeline ·phase 1

You've got your best duds on and you've just strolled into the most happening bar in town. You scan the room and there she is-THE most beautiful woman in the world. (Or at least the most beautiful after four rum and cokes, right?) So you see that hottie across the bar and you get the nerve to go up to her. Well before you take another step make sure you're prepared: check out your hair in your friends glasses, make sure you don't have anything in your teeth, and most importantly, have a game plan. Don't just go up there and be like "Hey Baby! What's your name?" You'll get shot down faster than a UFO in Area 51!

You want to have a chance with that girl and take her home to your swingin' bachelor pad? Follow these easy steps, and while we can't promise you a date, we can promise you won't get a drink thrown in your face.

  • No cheesy pick-up lines. Boys, they've heard them all and if they're standing there at a bar alone obviously none of them have worked. Be creative and come up with something that makes you stand out.

  • Offer to buy the girl a drink. This will get your foot in the door and allow an introduction. But don't expect her to go home with you just because you do.

  • Carry a lighter on you at all times-even if you don't smoke. While this may be obvious to some, a lighter is vital in the pimp-daddy's wardrobe. We've all seen that girl out there with a cigarette in-between her lips and a sad look on her face searching for a lighter. Be her knight in shining armor and you have a great way to start a conversation.

  • Even if you don't smoke carry a lighter. She may have a hottie friend sitting there next to her who doesn't smoke either!

  • Finally, if all is going well you can ask for her phone number. Make sure you've introduced yourself and remember her name before you ask. It'll prevent a swift kick to the groin when you call her Suzy and her name is Amy. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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