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The Weed-Out      
  dating guides · timeline ·phase 1

It's Friday night and you and the girls are ready to strut your stuff. After spending $400 on those new Jimmy Choo stilettos (you just had to have them) the last thing you need to be doing is spending money on alcohol. That's where boys come in to play.

So reapply that lip-gloss and find yourself a seat at the bar. You're at the best place to meet guys because everyone needs a drink at some point. Don't sit with more than 2 girls or you'll look unapproachable and that is definitely not what we are going for here. Follow these tips and you're sure to find a wallet, we mean guy... at least for the night.

  • Have a signature drink. Something that is you and different. Yes beer is fine, but you wantto be remembered. So go ahead and order that Cosmopolitan or a Mandarin and Cranberry... the point is to be unique.

  • Without looking desperate, scan the room for available prospects. Find the guy you want and start making eye contact. No stalking, just give him a glance or too. Don't move from your seat though. You are a creature unlike any other and the men will flock to you.

  • Don't huddle yourself in a group of 2 or more girls. No man will ever subject himself to the humiliation of being dissed by a girl in front of all of her friends.

  • If he asks for your phone number, you have several options: you can give him the number to the local psychic hotline, totally deny him, or give him your real number. If you do give him your number, be prepared because he will probably call.

  • Guys don't like it when you call them. So don't. If he calls and leaves a message wait at least week to return it. You don't want to seem too available. Besides, he'll call back if he really wants to see you. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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