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Lust or Bust
Week of July 9, 2001
  mingle mania · lust or bust · all of 'em · july

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This guy and I had been friends for 5 years. We went on a date as friends and weended up dating as a couple for a while. We broke up and when he relized that I was the only onewho makes him laugh or happy he felt bad for getting another girlfriend. His new girlfriend didn'tunderstand so we talked about. She was one of my good friends and we had to talk to her. We got ina fight and he had to split us up. Then he got her to shut up and walked off with me. We agreedthat that was one of the dumbest memories that we have ever had. And now it's been 3 in a halfyears since we've been together and we laugh at that one memorey. And the girl and I are now bestfriends again.
    --Tabitha, Athens, OH
My best friend and I finally got our parents to let us go on asenior trip together. They told us it was okay as long as we talked to noboys and we didn't drink (not that we do it was just a rule). We knew weweren't going to drink but we said okay eventhough we knew we were goingfor the boys. We ended up going to Cancun with all the other senior tripgoers and it was fine at first. We checked into a hotel and got settled inwhen all the sudden these guys knocked on our door. We opened it and theytold us that they were having a party and that it was going to be "off thehook". We said that we would like to attend if we weren't out that night.They asked us if they could come along and do some things with us. Weagreed. It was nice because it was the first day there and we didn't haveto pay for anything. They took us snorkeling and everything. We started toget closer and closer with these boys and it seemed that they were havinga good time too. We walked along the beach at sunset and partied all nightlong. You know I never did know what happened to that party that they werehaving.. you know the one that was going to be "Off the hook". They neverhad it. I guess it was there pick up line. Well everything was going welluntil my friend and I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and we sawthese two girls walking out of the room with OUR boys. I said hey whateverhappened to us! The girls looked around and left. But you know the bestpart about it was that we followed them everywhere and told every girlthey talked to what they were really like. I don't think they liked usanymore. I hate to say it but I guess our parents were right.. they'renothing but trouble.
    --Katie, Sacremento, CA

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