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Lust or Bust
Week of August 13, 2001
  lust or bust · all of 'em · august

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I sent roses to my crush of a couple years over Valentine'sWeek. He was absent from school for the final rose that I sent, the onethat would tell him who I was. So, the week after, my best friend and Iwent to go tell him ourselves. We waited outside of his fourth hour classand this guy walked up. He just stood there, looking at us, occasionallychuckling at our giggles and my punitive attempts to get away. So, mycrush came out and (I swear he was walking faster than normal) thanked mequickly before vanishing out of sight. So, I was crushed and the guy thatmy friend and I had been talking with was gone. A few days later, I raninto him in the cafeteria and let him sit next to me... we've now beentogether for four months. It has been the best time of my life. Hisfavorite thing is to say is, "Things work out. They may not work out theway you intended, but they work out..." and they did. I sent roses to mycrush and found my one true love waiting for me.
    --Heather, Arvada, CO
Well, there was this dance coming up and EVERYONE had a date butme... so I ask a friend if she knows anyone, and she hooks me up with thisguy who lived about 30 minutes away. We talked online for a couple weeksbefore the dance, and met for the first time that night. We went and hadan ok time, and decided to get togther again. I wasn't old enough to driveyet, so we went on a double date... my older sis, his big bro, and the twoof us. We went and got something to eat in a resturant that was literallyfalling apart, got lost in his home town then went to Wal-Mart... yes on adate we went shopping... well then we saw a movie and went home... twodays later... he tells me he wants my best friend and he is confused anddoesn't think we should see each other anymore.
    --Suzy, Ohio

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