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Lust or Bust
Week of August 27, 2001
  lust or bust · all of 'em · august

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This summer I became good friends with this guy I met through my best friend. We talked a lot and we hung out together really often, but we were only friends. One night he came over to my house and we were sitting up in my room watching a movie, and in the middle he turned to me and asked if he could ask a question, and I said sure. then he took my hand and looked into my eyes and asked if I would be his girlfriend. I was so happy! I said yes aand he told me hes wanted to ask that for so long and he was so relieved that I had said yes. he sat close, put his arm around me and didnt let go of my hand for the rest of the night.
    --Lyssa, West Allis, WI
There was this guy that I was totally crushing on. I mean he was the best looking guy at school and I had dreamed about him all year. But he always had a girlfriend and I never had a chance. Well, summer was finally here and we were at the end of school party at my friends lake house when Josh showed up. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, so I figured here was my chance. Well, I finally got up the nerve to talk to him and we totally hit it off… until he started kissing me. How could this guy who was so hot, be such a bad kisser? I mean he slobbered everywhere and had the worst breath! I can't believe I wasted an entire school year lusting after this guy who in the end was a total bust.
    --Hillary, San Diego, CA

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