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Lust or Bust
Week of September 2, 2002
  lust or bust · all of 'em · september

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I met a guy at my work and he really liked me, but I wasn't sointerested. After about 2 months I really started to like him, but didn'tknow how to let him know. So finally a month later I told him how I feltand he said to me "I have been thinking a lot about you and the other day Ithought 'man, I love this girl!'" I was speechless! But then he said"so... do you wanna go out?" and now were still together and totally inlove and happier then ever.
    --Leanne, Toronto, Canada
I went to a club with a bunch of my girls on a Saturday nightand we were new to the town and didn't really know our way around. Soafter about 30 minutes of driving we decided to pull over and ask fordirections. I stopped at a gas station and got out to ask for directionsto the club. Mind you I was dressed to go clubbin, so I had a lot ofmake-up on and a really cute, hoochie outfit. As I approached theattendant, he immediately said, "We don't want no trouble. I ain't likethat." I didn't know what the guy was talkin about and said, "What!" Hesaid, "I am a married man. I ain't into hookers!" I was astonished thathe would take me for hooker because I had been to this gas station beforeand thought this guy recognized me. I immediately explained my situationbut he still didn't understand and said he was callin the cops if wedidn't leave. So after five minutes of explaining why we stopped, me andmy girls left. It was like talking to a brick wall with this guy. Needlessto say, the next time I am not gettin out of my car when I need to ask fordirections to a club!
    --D, West Long Branch, NJ

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