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Lust or Bust
Week of September 4, 2001
  lust or bust · all of 'em · september

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I went to a free concert a local radio station hosted that had Blessed Union of Souls and some other great bands. While we were there I met a buff and hot guy. In between bands we would talk cause he was standing behind us and we flirted the entire time. After it was over he walked me to my car and we exchanged screen names a couple weeks later we were talking and he asked me out I was so happy! We've been dating for about 3 weeks and it couldn't be better. We stay up late talking about things because there are no preconceptions just us and now its all worked out for the best. I guess I owe a lot to my radio station LOL!!
    --Angela, Fairmont, WV
I was on a soccer trip to Spain, and was out clubbing with all of my friends at some of the local clubs in Madrid, when we found some really hot American boys. I ended up talking to this guy Joe and we found out that not only were we both Americans, but we were both from Tampa! Plus we both knew some of the same people! Joe was a sexy cowboy from the city, and I was totally attracted to him. We hit it off from the spot. He and I talked all night long, and at the end of the night, we exchanged numbers back in Tampa, and a very long and passionate good night kiss. The next night, the girls and I were at a different club, and guess who came up and surprised me... Joe! He walked all around the city, trying to locate the club that I told him I would be at the night before. Again, Joe and I talked all night, but this time, there was a whole lot more kissing involved. Joe ended up walking me back to my hotel, and told me that he would call me the next weekend, when he got back to Tampa. A week and a half later, I mustered up the courage, and I called him. Joe told me that he was really busy, but that he'd call me really soon. I never received that call... Not a big deal, I ended up finding someone new within the next few weeks...
    --Amanda, Tampa, FL

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