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Lust or Bust-- Last Week      
  minglemania · lust or bust ·last week

Here are last week's lust or bust stories, read on and enjoy... Submit yours for a chance to win a goodie bag!

Well this summer I was at Camp, and there was this guy there from my hometown that I didn't know but my friend did, so she introduced us. Well my other friend thought he was hot so she started liking him. So the next day we were hanging around us and later on while we were walking he kept tapping me my butt. So to make a long story short...later that week I see him with another and I didn't think much of it. Well when we got home from camp, I added him to my MSN and we started talking. About a week later he told me he was so sorry for going with that other girl. He said that it was the stupidest thing that he has ever done. He told me to forget about the other girl she didn't mean anything to her and I am the only one for him. We have been together for about 4 months now.
    --Mallory, Iron Mountain, MIchigan
My summer was going well when I met the cutest guy at thewater park I was working at. He looked so cute in his uniform. He askedme to hang out with him so I did and we spent a great night talking.Occasionally we would hang out together and we spent some great nights andeven days together. There was always something on my mind though; henever led on to anyone that we were seeing each other. Before I came backto school I went to a party he had at his house and tried to kiss him infront of his friends. He got mad, told me that he was sleeping withthis other girl from work and to get out of his house immediately. Needless to say, I should have gone with my gut feeling and realized what a loser this dude was. Even if he was hot!
    --Kristin, Sparta, WI

Submit yours for a chance to win a goodie bag!

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