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Lust or Bust
Week of September 24, 2001
  lust or bust · all of 'em · september

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It was the summer before I was supposed to go off to college and this one chick hadbeen after me all summer. I had a girlfriend and so I didn't give her much attention otherthan the fact that she was pretty cool. She was one of those chicks that could hang out withthe guys and be completely comfortable. Well, I was taking Algebra in summer school and it sohappened that she was in my class. We started studying together and became really good friends. Remember, I have a girlfriend here. Well, things started going south because we were both leavingand neither one of us wanted a long distnace relationship. So eventually we broke up and that's whenHillary made her move. I guess under other circumstances she would have seemed desperate, but she waspretty cool and damn good looking. Well, one night we were hanging out at a friends house when Hillaryturned to me and said "You don't have the balls to tak me home with you." I was in shock. But needlessto say, I did have the balls and I did take her home. We have been dating for a year and a half now.Thank god for persistence!
    --Colin, Seattle, WA
My boyfriend and I had been dating for 7 months before summercame. He called me the night before summer vacation was starting todiscuss our relationship and what our plans were this summer. I justthought we would take each other to our Family vacation houses, but hethought we should get with other people. We broke up but his birthday wasrolling around so I thought u would be nice and get him something. Ibought him a gift mainly because he bought me a diamond necklace for mybirthday so I thought I owed it to him. I found out later from a friendthat he had a birthday party and didn't invite me but I was one of the fewthat gave him a gift. I wouldn't have cared but we were friends, but Ididn't think you did that to your friend even if they are yourex-girlfriend.
    --Danielle, Berlin, MD

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