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Lust or Bust
Week of November 26, 2001
  lust or bust · all of 'em · november

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I just recently started attending college. I am a real fitness fanatic, and my girl friends and I wanted to go the gym to work out. After we finished using the treadmill we decided to go lift weights. As I was lifting, this really hot guy came over to me and asked if I wanted a spotter. I said no because I didn't want to seem like I didn't know what I was doing. The next day I came back, and this time he asked me if I could help him. I couldn't refuse. I knew he was just using this as a ploy to get close to me but I felt touched that he was doing this. Ever since then we have been going to the gym together and each day he asks me to help him. I think he is just so sweet to want me to help him when I know he really doesn't need any assistance. I am so lucky to find a man who is able to ask for help.
    --Dana, Hillsborough, CA
It was prom night, I went to pick up my date. When I arrived at her house, everything was going fine. She went to put the corsage on me, she thrust it a bit too hard and I tensed up. She knew that she pricked me and started apologizing. I was fine with it, until she poked me the second time... After that, she gave up and her mom put the corsage on me properly. We took a few photos, and it seemed like it would be smooth sailing from then on. We hopped into my 1964 Mustang and drove off. I kept repeating in my head "compliment her dress!" I finally mustered up the courage to compliment her. But what came out was "I like you breast". I was stunned, I did not know what to say afterwards... needless to say she laughed it off... I was thinking in my head "stupid stupid stupid!" A block or so away from her house, the gas pedal came loose... I just took it out with my foot discreetly and shoved it under the seat. We had a smooth ride from then on until a few blocks away from the hotel. A taxi swerved in front of me, and I stopped sharply. But the kicker was that the undercarriage of the Mustang buckled and the steering column was shot... I felt REALLY bad after that... I managed to get it to the hotel and I called a tow company to bring it to my house. (I luckily fixed it the next few days). I thought the night couldn't get worse... we had a normal time at the prom. After the prom we all decided to go barhopping. My brother dropped my Honda Civic at the hotel (whatta guy) so I then had a ride for the rest of the night. After a few drinks my date felt funny, so I brought her home... I then got together with a few friends and went to a waffle hut... Pathetic ain't it?
    --Nick, Toronto, Canada

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