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Dirty but Funny...       « 1·2·3
  mingle mania · pick-up lines · mature

Content in this section is not intended for persons under the age of 18. Please view and use this info at your own risk!

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Why don't you sit on my face and let me eat my way to your heart?
Nice legs...what time do they open?
(Look down at your crotch) It's not just going to suck itself.
If it's true that we are what we eat, then I could be you by morning.
Wanna play army? I'll lay down and you can blow the hell outta me.
That shirt is very becoming on you. But then if I was on you, I'd be coming too.
Hey do you wanna sit on my lap and see what pops up!
The word of the day is legs. So lets go back to my house and spread the word!
Didn't anyone tell you that you wanted to sleep with me?!?! I thought you knew...
If you and I were squirrels, could I bust a nut in your hole?
Let's play house, you be the door and I'll slam you all night long!
F*** me if I'm wrong, but I think you want to kiss me...
Nice shoes. Wanna screw?
What winks and f***s like a tiger? (Wink)
Wanna play 68? You do me and I owe you one!

Got a pick-up line that we don't? Send us yours... : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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