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Las Vegas Casinos      
  date planning · the getaway · las vegas · casinos

   Pull the cushions off the couch and round up all your quarters, it's time to head to the tables. A trip to Vegas just isn't the same until you've tried your luck at any one of the numerous casinos up and down the Strip...

You can't go to Vegas and not check out the shows! Get the best deals on all the best Vegas shows out there... Want to see what's outside the limits of Sin City? Why not take a tour?
Caesars Palace
Center Strip
   Look around because different blackjack tables have different numbers of decks. Also, some roulette wheels here have one green zero, and some have two. Pretty good cocktail service, but like all the big places, you can be forgotten or ignored unless you have money falling out of your pockets. The clientele here are couples in their 30s to 50s with money to burn and young 20-something women looking for men with money to spend on them. Keep your eye out for a large number of "working girls." Be sure to check out Caesars Magical Empire, a fixed price meal with close-up magic and large scale illusions.
   Tip: The Park Place Connection combines the slot clubs of Paris, Bally's Flamingo, Hilton and Caesars. It's pretty tight with the freebies, but it is nice to be able to gamble several places with a single card.
Might as well stay where you play!
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Circus Circus
North Strip
   They actually deal a fair game of blackjack, and single deck for $5 players. The single deck game used to have some of the best rules in town, but that's changing, maybe permanently. Circus Circus is the fifth largest hotel in the world, and features America's largest indoor theme park, The Adventuredome housing the world's only double-loop indoor roller coaster. The clientele here is families, people who really love children and more families. Keep this in mind if you want to gamble in peace. Circus Circus is home of The Steakhouse, said to be the best in Vegas; they also offer an incredible Sunday Brunch.
   Tip: At the tables, you better be playing $15 hands to get noticed. Either that or play something close to $15 and be exceptionally polite.
Might as well stay where you play!
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Mandalay Bay
South Strip
   The have iverything, including Baccarat, which casinos put in to draw the really rich people. As a tourist place, the emphasis is on slot machines, and mostly brand-spanking-new models. They know that young people want to drown their worries and gambling losses under rivers of strong drinks and they are more than willing to oblige. If you're in the mood to be pampered, the Four Seasons occupy the uppermost floors of this hotel. Spend enough money in their casino and you might just be set up. If you get hungry, make sure to check out House of Blues.
   Tip: If you're a nickel or casual quarter player, you can bet your sweet bippy you won't get nothing. $15 and higher bettors at the tables will get rated, and the $100-$200 bettors will start seeing free rooms.
Might as well stay where you play!
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   Now that you know where to play, where are you gonna stay? Book your hotel at Trip.com and save big!

What's the best casino in Vegas?
MGM Grand
Caesars Palace
Circus Circus
Mandalay Bay
Other (Specify)

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