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   These polls are for a more mature audience...
  1. Would you have sex with a stranger for a million dollars?

  2. Have you ever cracked up laughing during or just after an orgasm?

  3. In how many different sexual positions do you find yourself during sex?

  4. Do you talk (other than making inarticulate noises) during sex?

  5. When you have sex, how many times do you do it?

  6. What do you typically do after having sex?

  7. Have you ever had or given a discreet hand job in public?

  8. Have you ever had more than one sexual partner on the same day?

  9. Do you answer the phone when you are in a steamy session?

  10. Do you own any kind of sex manual?

  11. Would you most likely have oral sex or intercourse first in a new relationship?

  12. Have you ever had sex without kissing on the lips?

  13. Have you ever broken up with someone because the sex wasn't that great?

  14. How do you feel about spanking?

  15. When your partner is performing oral sex on you, how do you feel about kissing him/her on the lips?

  16. Which has more significance, oral sex or penetration?

  17. Have you ever received oral sex from someone with a pierced tongue?

  18. When receiving oral sex, do you feel the need to reciprocate?

  19. How long could you abstain from sex or masturbation?

  20. Have you ever performed oral sex on your partner while they were driving?

  21. How do you and your guy refer to sex in conversation?