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What's the difference from one to another?      
  sexual healing · condoms ·brand differences

   It's a simple question one would think, yet in fact there are many answers. Condoms are made from various materials such as latex, animal membranes, and polyurethane. Each type has specific characteristics that make it more appealing than another.

   Before we get any further, understand that doctors say that only latex condoms can help in preventing STD's; other materials are porous enough to let the diseases through.

   In choosing a condom, the first question we must ask is what is it made from...

Latex-- Latex is the most popular material used for condoms; it is also the safest when it comes to disease prevention. Latex is a type of rubber that is composed of very small pores that prevent sperm and viruses, such as HIV, getting through. While latex proves to be the most popular, it is also very susceptible to breakage if the conditions are is important to use a water-based lubricant when using these types of condoms. Note of caution: Oil-based lubricants will destroy latex condoms, thus making them ineffective. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS WITH LATEX.
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Animal Membrane-- Excuse me? Yes, we said animal membranes. These types of condoms use the linings from animals stomachs or intestines as a sheath. Condoms made from animal membranes were the first type to be used, yet have fallen out of favor as they are too porous to prevent transmission of AIDS and other STD's. We recommend using this type of condom if, and only, if you are in a monogamous relationship, and both of you have been tested for STD's.
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Polyurethane-- A type of plastic that is almost twice as strong as latex, polyurethane is great for people who are allergic to latex, yet still want the level of protection that it provides. This type of condom can be made very thin, has no odor or taste and also retains more heat than latex (thus increasing sensation).
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