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The History of Birth Control      
  sexual healing · safe sex · contraception · history

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1700s: The Dutch-Cap was used for birth control. A half of a lemon was used as a cervical cap for women.

Late 1700s: Casanova popularizes an early version of the condom.

1806: Dr. Ewell suggest that couples "copulate in vessels filled with carbonic acid or azotic gas" as a birth-control method.

1838: Infanticide is proposed for family planning.

1847: Goodyear discovers a way to vulcanize rubber, leading to the production of rubber condoms.

1882: Aletta Jacobs opens the first birth control clinic.

1883: Diaphragm is invented.

1883: First vasectomy is performed.

1909: First IUD invented in Germany.

1910: Margaret Sanger begins promoting birth control in New York.

1930: Research is published that shows the success rate of the IUD.

1930: Researchers show the validity of the rhythm method.
1951: First version of the pill is created by Car Djerassi.

1960: FDA approves the pill.

1963: IUD becomes widely available.

1973: The landmark case, Roe vs. Wade, essentially made abortion legal and protected abortion rights.

1970's: Depo-provera injections become available in 50 nations, though not in the United States until 1992.

1988: The cervical cap is approved by the FDA.

1990: Norplant is first available.

1992: The pill RU-486 is made available in France, China, and England. This pill can be taken up to nine weeks after conception and will successfully remove and embryo.

1994: Female condom is introduced.

Some information from Sex Lover's Book of Lists by Ron Luis and David Copeland.

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