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Emergency Contraception      
 sexual healing · safe sex · contraception · methods ·emergency

Emergency contracpetion is exactly that, used for emergency. These methods should neverbecome your regular method of birth control. It is important for you to be familiar withthese methods however, just in case yu run into a problem like the condom breaking or missinga pill.
Oral Contraception
What it is: A series of pills with highlevels of estrogen and progestin you take within 72 hours of the "mistake."How it works: There is a lot of medical jargon that goes into how these work. The basicpremis is that when you take emergency oral contraception, the boyd makes it so that if by chanceyou did become pregnant within the last 3 days, you will no longer be pregnant.Where to get it: You must visit a doctor to recieve these pills.Cost: Expensive, usually at least $50.Effectiveness: 100%

What it is: The intrauterine device(IUD) is a small plastic device that can also include metal or hormones.The IUD was the first experiments with in the 1920's. It has one of twostrings that hang down that help a woman to know if the device is in itsproper place. A doctor inserts an IUD into a woman's uterus. There was asharp decline in the use of 1980s after many lawsuits were filed againstmanufacturers.How it works: The IUD contains copper or hormones that keep sperm from joining egg andprevent a fertilized egg from implanting in uterus.Where to get it: You must go to a doctor's office to have the IUD implanted.Cost: $150 $300 for exam, insertion, and follow-up visit.Effectiveness: 97.4-99.2%

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