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Hormonal Methods      
 sexual healing · safe sex · contraception · methods ·hormonal

The use of hormonal methods will require a visit to the doctor so you can be advised of anyside effects. These methods can mess with your libido, cause weight gain, or even blood clotsin the legs, heart, or brain. They are on the other hand, almost always 99% effective against pregnancy.
Ortho Evra
What it is: The first birth control patch, worn once-a-week and just as effective as the Pill. Just change your patch once a week for three consecutive weeks. You do not need to apply a patch during the fourth week. Where to get it: You must visit a doctor to receive a perscription. Cost:$15 - $90 per monthly patch-pack at drugstores - often less at clinics. $35 - $125 for exam every 6 mos. Some online pharmacies provide free doctor consultation. Effectiveness: 99%

Depo Provera
What it is: A shot of thehormone progesterone in your are every 12 weeks. One note: most women who take Depo Provera shots no longer have their periods.How it works: It prevents the release of the egg; thickens the cervical mucus to keep sperm from joining egg and prevent fertilized egg from implanting in uterus.Where to get it: You must visit a doctor to receive the shots.Cost:$20 to $40 for visits to a clinician. $30 $75 per injection.Effectiveness: 99.7%

What it is: The intrauterine device(IUD) is a small plastic device that can also include metal or hormones.The IUD was the first experiments with in the 1920's. It has one of twostrings that hang down that help a woman to know if the device is in itsproper place. A doctor inserts an IUD into a woman's uterus. There was asharp decline in the use of 1980s after many lawsuits were filed againstmanufacturers.How it works: The IUD contains copper or hormones that keep sperm from joining egg andprevent a fertilized egg from implanting in uterus.Where to get it: You must go to a doctor's office to have the IUD implanted.Cost: $150 $300 for exam, insertion, and follow-up visit.Effectiveness: 97.4-99.2%

What it is: It becameavailable in 1990 and is an implant that is placed in a woman's arm. It comes in sixrod-shaped capsules and lasts for five years. It is also the mosteffective form of birth control available today.How it works:Capsules constantly release small amounts of hormone that prevent therelease of the egg and thicken cervical mucus to keep sperm from joining egg.Where to get it:You must go to a doctor to have this surgicalprocedure performed.Cost: $500 - $750 for exam, implants, and insertion. $100 - $200 for removal.Effectiveness: 99.95%

The Pill
What it is: The birth control pill isused by millions of women to prevent pregnancy. The pill containsestrogen and progesterone at higher than natural levels. Combination pills contain estrogen and progestin. Others are progestin-only.How it works: This keeps the cervical mucus thick and thus difficult for sperm to get through. It alsochanges the uterus lining so that implantation of a fertilized egg isunlikely. In other words, by taking the pill, you trick your body into thinkingyou are already pregnant and thus it stops producing eggs. That's why you can't get pregnant with a new babywhen you already have one in the cooker.Where to get it: You can get the #1 most popular birth control pillOrtho Tri-Cyclen from an online pharmacy. You cancompare prices at This birth control option can actually help clear up your skin too.Cost:$15 - $90 per monthly pill-pack at drugstores - often less at clinics. $35 - $125 for exam every 6 mos. Some online pharmacies provide free doctor consultation.Effectiveness: 95-99.9%

* pregnancy tests on sale at *

What it is: This form of birth control is brand new and has only been on the market for a year. It's a one-size fits all, two inch flexible vaginal ring that provides monthlong contraception.How it works:It works like a diaphragm in that it's insterted into your vagina but instead of blockingsperm, it releases low levels of estrogen and progestin into your bloodstream which prevents ovulation.Where to get it:The NuvaRing can only be prescribed by a doctor. You remove it for a week to prompt your period, then you insert a new one.Cost: About the same as the pill.Effectiveness: 95-99.9% : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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