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What are lubricants?      
 sexual healing · lubricants ·various types

Just like condoms, lubricants come in various forms and choosing the rightone can be a daunting task. Have no fear, we are here to explaineverything!
Lubricants can be divided into 4 categories:

Water-Based--This is pretty self-explanatory here, water-based lubricants are composedof water and glycerin. They can be sticky and the water tends to evaporatequickly, so make sure you have some extra lube handy. Buying Tip: Buy Water-Based Lubricants from!

Silicone-Based--Most condoms that come already lubricated, use a silicone-based lubricant.This type, like the water-based, is safe to use with all types ofcondoms, yet won't evaporate like water does. This type of lubricant canbe easily cleaned up with soap and water. Buying Tip: Buy Silicone-Based Lubricants from!

Oil-Based--Note of caution: Oil-based lubricants will destroylatex condoms, thus making them ineffective. DO NOT USE OIL-BASEDLUBRICANTS WITH LATEX CONDOMS. Baby oil, lotion, and Vaseline are alltypes of oil-based lubricants and will eat through latex in no time. Theseare much slicker than other types of lubricants and will help soften theskin. With the creation of polyurethane condoms, oil-based lubricants havereappeared on the market. Buying Tip: Buy Oil-Based Lubricants from!

Flavored--Flavored lubricants are a quick and easy way to spice up your love life.For those people who complain about taste, here is the answer. Flavoredlubricants are generally water-based and some contain sugar. Buying Tip: Buy Flavored Lubricants from!

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