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Natural Methods      
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Point blank, these methods aren't reliable and unless you are planning on having a threesome (no, silly not that kind... we mean you, your partner, and your new baby) we suggest you try some of the other methods. These methods are actually more useful in trying to predict when to get pregant then when not to. But on the other hand, they are free. And there's nothing wrong with free knowledge.
Abstinence-- What it is: Refraining from any sexual activity. How it works: This will keep sperm from joining egg. Where to get it: Yourself. Just don't have sex and you can't get pregnant! Cost: Absolutely nothing. Effectiveness: 100%

Rhythm Method-- What it is: Figuring out when your body is most likely to get pregnant and then avoiding sex during those times. How it works: By taking your tempature in the morning as your tempature goes up during ovulation. By examining your cervical mucus and charting your periods. Where to get it: Yourself. Cost: Absolutely nothing. Effectiveness: 80%

Withdrawal-- What it is: Exactly what it sounds like! This should never be your sole form of brith control. First, it requires extreme self control in the man. Second, there is enough semen in pre-cum, to cause pregnancy. How it works: The man withdraws his penis as he is about to ejaculate, thus preventing the semen from entering the vagina. Where to get it: Yourself. Cost: Absolutely nothing. Effectiveness: 76%

* pregnancy tests on sale at *

You can now buy birth control pills from a number of online pharmacies. While we recommend you see a doctor before taking any prescription, especially one that messes with your hormones, there are several online drugstores that don't require a doctors visit first. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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