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20 Things To Know       2 »
 sexual healing · safe sex · things

   Before you jump into bed with your new mate,make sure you know about each other's sexual pasts; your life is as risk here! Here are 25 thingsthat everyone should know about their sexual health...

 1.We all lie to get lucky
34% of men and 10% of women say thet've lied to get a mate into bed. Remember what you don't know you can't protect yourself from
 2.Sex now, pregnant later
According to a study at the University of Buffalo, men produce 2000 sperm per second and those buggers can live inside a woman's body from 48 hours to 8 days
 3.Protect your condoms
Make sure you check the expiration date on the box, keep them in a cool place and never unroll them until you are ready to use. The World Health Organization estimates that Americans go thru 1-2 billion condoms a year, 160,000 of which break
 4.Follow directions
Remember that failure rates for birth control and condoms are based on when the product is used 100% of the time, and used correctly. The pill is 99% effective when taken every day; miss one and it goes down to 94%, miss more than that and it's useless
 5.Be aware of your options
These days the ECP (emergency contraception pill) is available in case you made a mistake the night before. They are available thru prescription only and can prevent a fertilized egg from being implanted as many as five days after sex. The catch? The ECP must be taken within 72 hours of the accident
 6.An alternative to condoms
The GEDAPlus Microbidal Contraceptive, a gel waiting for FDA approval, can be insterted into the vagina prior to having sex and neutralized STD's, HIV and sperm.
 7.Beware of the cut
While men who are uncircumcised claim they have greater sensitivity than those who are, doctors warn us to watch out. Doctors report that circumcision is more sanitary, prevents infection and seems to lower the risk of penile cancer. Some studies have also shown a greater risk of cervical cancer in sexual partners of uncircumcised men
 8.Burgers and beer do not equal sex
It may be true that one or two alcoholic drinks will increase the libido, anything more than that will destroy it. Fatty food have also been shown to lower testosterone levels by as much as 30%
 9.It's never just a cold sore
The CDC reports that 80-90% of people with herpes never know they have it. While cold sores are symptoms of herpes simplex one, a different strain than genital herpes, they can still be transmitted to the genitals during oral sex
 10.Sex is good for you you
Several studies lately have shown that people who have sex regularly are healthier than those that don't. In one case, researchers found that students who have sex at least twice a week had 30% better immune systems

More Things to Know Before Bed

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