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The History of Sex      
  sexual healing · techniques · sex ·history

The History of Sex... how can you chronicle that, it's been happening for years! It all had to start somewhere though. Here's what we've found as to the beginnings of it all...

160 Galen notes female hysteria can be relieved by massage a woman's genital area

385 Jovinian was excommunicated by the Pope for arguing that marriage was superior to celibacy.

500 The Kama Sutra, a sacred Hindu text describing 156 sexual positions, is written by a divinely inspired virgin.

600 Justinian's wife entertains guests by having geese peck seeds off her genitals

April 25, 1227 Ulrich von Lichtenstein started his incredible journey from Venice to Austria dressed as the female goddess Venus, challenging in a jousting battle every man enroute. He did this in the service of a woman who continually scorned him. Three centuries later this journey served as the basis for the satire, Don Quixote de la Mancha.

1453 Turkish Sultans start the first harems; they house up to 300 concubines

1559 Italian anatomist Matteo Realdo Colombo claims to have discovered the clitoris.

1677 Using his homemade microscope, Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovers sperm.

c. 1774 Giovanni Giacomo Casanova is expelled from a seminary when tales of his sexual exploits get around.

1829 Arguing that a spicy diet could tempt young men to masturbate, Dr. Sylvester Graham invented the wholesome inoffensive cracker that still bears his name.

1847 Goodyear discovers a way to vulcanize rubber, leading to the production of rubber condoms

1873 U.S. Congress passes the Comstock Act allowing the post office to seize articles of obscenity.

1883 The term lesbian is first used to describe a homosexual woman. Prior to this the word had been associated with fellatio, as it was said that the women of Lesbos were without peer in this regard.

1897 An American inventor patented a chastity belt that had a metal shield covering the abdomen and was held together by a lock in the back

1898 John Harvey Kellogg invents corn flakes in hopes of preventing masturbation. His brother Keith takes the idea, adds sugar and makes millions off Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

1911 The first electrical dildo was sold

1912 The word "brassiere" was noted by the Oxford dictionary. Mary Phelps Jacobs patented the first bra.

1918 In Marie Stopes' book, Married Love, the woman's right to orgasm was promoted.

1928 The first lesbian novel, The Well of Loneliness, was published by Radclyffe Hall.

1930 Thin latex condom are introduced, replacing bulky, tire-grade rubber sheaths. Suddenly sex feels almost

1935 The Nazis passed a law outlawing not specific sex acts, but any sex act that respectable people might find improper

1947 Japanese prostitutes pioneer the breast implant. To lure higher-paying American GIs, they inject their bosoms with saline, goat's milk, and even paraffin wax.

1950 Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg discovers the G spot.

1953 Playboy hits the stands, with a cover photo of Marilyn Monroe. Free-spirited publisher Hugh Hefner didn't put an issue number on the cover, figuring the thing would be a one-shot deal.

1960 Rueben Struman invents the private peep-show booth with a coin-operated projector.

1960 FDA approves the pill

1962 Plastic surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow perform the first breast implant surgery.

1965 Barbara Eden wasn't allowed to show her belly button on I Dream of Jeannie

1966 The one piece, battery powered, vibrating dildo was patented. This was to become the best-selling dildo of all time.

1970 Penthouse magazine is the first to show pubic hair

1972 Linda Lovelace becomes the first true porn star, thanks to her dramatic turn in Deep Throat, the most successful adult film of all time.

1974 First penile implant is performed on a 70 year old Russian man

1980 Dr. Ruth's Sexually Speaking debuts and radically changes the way Americans view and discussed sex

1987 Ilona Staller, a.k.a. porn star Cicciolina, campaigns topless and wins a seat in Rome's parliament. However, she soon decides to leave politics, preferring the relatively moral world of pornography to that of elected government.

1997 Real Dolls-custom-built love mannequins with lifelike eyes, hair, and skin-begin selling for more than $4,000.

1998 Viagra is invented. : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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