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Sex With Animals       « 1·2
  sexual healing · trivia · sex with animals

The wonderful pig has an 18-inch penis that resembles a corkscrew.
Stallions have penises 2 1/2 feet long.
Lizards have two penises, one on each side of their bodies.
The tapeworm has over 22,000 different sex organs.
Earthworms are considered a hermaphrodite species. They have a penis and a vagina.
The average chimpanzee has a 3-inch penis. They are able to perform fellatio on themselves.
A kangaroo has a double headed penis designed to match the double-horned vagina of the female.
Bulls have penises 3 feet in length. The penises from dead bulls are often used as riding crops and whips.
The male snowshoe hare's penis turns white in winter and is red during breeding season.
Male orangutans have penises around 1 1/2 inches. They copulate while hanging upside down from trees.
The tiger has an 11-inch penis. The male tiger masturbates using his paws.
Platypus are known for their 2 3/4 inch penises; they have several pointed spines that point backwards.
The class of animals known as cetaceans, which include dolphins and whales, have the largest penises among animals.
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