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  sexual healing · trivia · durex

Have you ever..?
· Forty five per cent of people globally have had a one night stand while almost three in ten (28%) have had phone, text or e-mail sex
· While more than a quarter (26%) have faked an orgasm – 48% of women have, compared to just 12% of men
· One in ten sexually active adults has had sex with their best friend’s partner – 12% of men compared to 7% of women – but only 3% have had an amorous encounter with their boss
· Seven per cent of 16-20 year olds have had a same sex affair, rising to 11% among the over 45s
What is your favourite sexual position?
· Partner on top win the award for the world’s favourite sexual position – voted for by almost three in ten (29%)
· More than a third of Italians (35%) prefer this position compared to just 5% of French lovers and 2% of Vietnamese
· Globally, sex standing up is the least likely choice among men and women (both 2%)
· The classic missionary position remains first choice for one in five people around the globe (20%)
Which of the following sex enhancements have you used?
· Almost four in ten people worldwide (39%) choose condoms to spice up their sex life
· Pornographic movies or magazines, novelty underwear and lubricants are also widely used sex aids
· More than a third of women have used condoms, pornographic material and sexy underwear to enhance their sex lives
· Men’s top three turn ons are condoms, porn and lubricants
What is the sexiest profession?
· Models are the world’s sexiest professionals according to more than one in five people across the globe (21%) followed by masseurs and doctors or nurses (all 10%)
· More than a quarter of men (26%) vote for models, with doctors or nurses in second place and air stewardesses and secretaries also highly rated
· Women rank footballers and rock stars way behind models (14%), masseurs (13%) and firefighters (12%)
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