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Don Juan and Cassanova were considered the worlds two greatest lovers. The difference between the two, was that when Don Juan ended a relationship, the woman hated him, when Cassanova ended it the woman still loved him.
Uganda uses 60 million male condoms per year and 1 million female condoms. Guess the Ugandans like to practice safe sex!
In 1998 the marriage rate in the U.S. was 8.3 per 1000 couples, the lowest in forty years.
The modern day pill was outlawed in Japan until 1999. It was only after Viagra was quickly approved that the last country in the United Nations approved birth control for women.
To help create her signature sexy walk, actress Marilyn Monroe sawed off part of the heel of one shoe.
In 1935, the Nazis passed a law outlawing not specific sex acts, but any sex act that respectable people might find improper.
Pope Sylvester II (999-1003) was said to engage in sorcery. It is reported that he had several sexual encounters with a succubus (female devil) named Meridiana. She was known to frequently appear in his bed in spirit form.
During the fifteenth century the Kacharis tribe erected more than 30 phallic statues on the India-Burma border. Each statue was over 20 feet high.
In 1912, Mary Phelps Jacobs patented the first bra. She sold the patent nine years later to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for $1,500.
In Bavaria it was believed that if a woman placed a few drops of her menstrual blood into a cup of coffee, the first man who drank it would marry her.
A traveling circus freak in England was rumored to have had the largest reported penis of all time. his name was "Mighty Mike," and he had a 25-inch phallus.
The men in one Australian tribe shake penises instead of hands when greeting each other.
Henry III is reported to have been driven to pursue and bed a princes wife after drying his face with a piece of her clothing and smelling her scent.
There are over 8,000 adult video titles released every year. That's more than 21 a day!
An English woman in Shakespeare's day would carry a "lady's apple"-a small peeled apple-in her armpit, which she would present to her man as a "love apple," full of her scent.
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