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The worlds oldest dildo was found in Pakistan and is of pre-Hindu origin dating back to 4000BC.
The first nipple rings, called bosom rings, appeared in Victorian Europe in the 1890's. They became fashionable among woman who often wore them joined together by a small gold chain.
The longest daisy chain is thought to have been at one of Emperor Tiberius's orgies, it was estimated at 30.
The earliest breast implants were done in the 1940's by Japanese prostitutes hoping to entice the American GI's. They injected their breasts with liquid silicon.
The largest pornography collection in the world is located at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. It contains 80,000 pornographic books and at least 150,000 movies.
The least expensive prostitutes in the world are the Petrapole people who live on the border of Bangladesh. They charge as little as 10 rupees, which is the equivalent of $0.28.
The most profitable porno film of all time, Deep Throat, took in $100 million.
The greater the orgasm, the deeper the sleep. Multiple orgasms (20 or more per hour) can induce a coma and near-fusion with the mattress.
Super-lover Casanova (1725-1798) used condoms to protect himself from disease and to avoid getting his lovers pregnant. They were made from animal guts and tied in place with a pink ribbon!
Demetrius Poliorcetes, King of Macedonia, paid Lamia, a Greek courtesan 250 talents for sex. He made the people of his city raise the money. 250 talents is the equivalent of $64.9 million which means Lamia was the most expensive prostitute of all time.
Although it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg, a man whose ejaculate yields less than 35 million sperm is considered infertile.
Sex change operations have been legal since 1952 when a young GI, George Jorgensen, managed to persuade a German surgeon to perform a total castration on him.
King Fatafehi Paulah of Tonga proclaimed it was his royal duty to take the virginity of every woman in his kingdom, it is estimated that he deflowered 37,800 during his lifetime. He never slept with the same woman twice.
In Paris in 1977, microsurgeons managed to sew back the penis and testicles of a young man who had castrated himself in a schizoid fit. Apart from being sterile, the patient was later capable of a normal sex life.
Some tribes in Africa and in Polynesia have practiced semi-castration- the removal of one testicle.
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