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Unusual Sex Laws       « 1·2·3·4·5·6·7 »
  sexual healing · trivia · unusual sex laws

In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal to have sex with both a mother and daughter.
In Oxford, Ohio, it is illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man's picture.
In Liverpool, saleswomen are only allowed to be topless in tropical fish stores.
In 100 AD, the ancient Germanic tribe, the Teutons, would punish anyone caught as a prostitute by suffocating them in excrement.
Among the Serni of Brazil, a woman who has been found guilty of adultery is whipped, and then her wounds are exposed to fire ants.
The early Christian church forbade couples from having sex on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
In Krakow, Poland, it's not only a crime to have sex with animals, but three-time offenders are shot in the head.
During the Middle Ages, if you were guilty of bestiality you'd be burned at the stake, along with the other party to your crime.
In Hawaii, the legal age of consent is only 14. Persons 15 to 18 may marry with parental consent.
In London, it is illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle.
Asiatic Huns punished convicted male rapists and adulterers with castration. Female adulterers were merely cut in two.
The only acceptable sexual position in Washington D.C. is the missionary style position. Anything other than face-to-face is illegal.
In North Carolina, fornication and cohabitation are punishable by six months in jail and/or a $500 fine.
The vow of a Roman vestal virgin lasted thirty years and if she engaged in sex before then, she was punished by being buried alive.
The early Catholic Church banned divorce. People are allowed to separate but never to remarry.
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