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The Art of Grilling      
  special section · summer lovin' · bbq · grillin

   With summer approaching, we can start to think about the perfect tan, the pool parties and throwing some food on the barbie. Getting to cook the perfect meal on a grill scares many, but we'll show you how to throw off the best BBQ party and cook a fab feast. Just equip yourself with the right tools, and follow these tips...

   Before you start, you need to have the most essential element of all…the BBQ!!! Prices range from $20 up to $2,000. But you don't need a fancy grill to do the basics. Consider your available space-- if you have a largeback lawn, think big, but if you have a 2' by 2' fire escape, get the smallest one.

Also, consider how many peopleyou regularly cook for... Prepare to buy a grill in which you can fit the amount of food you cook. How often do you planon using it? If it's only for a 4th of July fiesta, buy a cheapo; if you plan to become the next Bobby Flay, buy a better grill.

Now, you need to decide what type of grill you want. You can chose from charcoal, gas or portable...
    - Charcoal grills are for hardcore chefs... You get the total Texas BBQ experience. You build your own fire,and control the heat by turning the coals until you find the perfect temperature. It's a true Boy Scout's delight. Since it's quite a procedure going through the coals, it takes longer to cook the food.

    You will need a bag of charcoal briquettes,lighter fluid, fireplace matches and your bravest face to start out the fire.

    - Gas grills don't need charcoal, but they need a propane or natural gas tank. The risks of burning your self are lower because the heat is adjusted with a dial. Make sure the grill has 2 or more burners so that you food cooks evenly.

    The pricier gas grills,come with side burners for preparation of small meals, with built in utility shelves, and some have glass windows so you can spy on your food.

    - Portable grills for city dwellers with no backyard. There are 2 types: hibachis and electric grills. Hibachis are excellent forthe beach and tailgates. They are mini charcoal grills that you can take almost anywhere.

    Electric grills are basically plug-in burners.You know, those that made George Foreman rich!

More on the Art of Grilling... : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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