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Athletic Amy      
  holiday · gift guide · amy

   Amy made Varsity her freshman year and hasn't quit since. If she's not at work or school, sheis in the gym making sure she is as fit as can be. She's hot but she's built and isn't afraid to get downand dirty or arm wrestle any guy. Amy is always outside doing something and is even having a rock climbingwall installed in her garage. Sound like your gal, even if a bit exaggerated? Then check out these gifts...

American Flag
Nothing shows your patriotism better than a flag and in these tough times it is important for everyone to stand united. While a flag might not seem like a gift, it is appropriate for any American or anyone wanting to show their support of the United States.($19.99 for 3'x5' model)

Anything New York
If you didn't already know it, New York City is the greatest city on earth and after the September 11th attacks that idea is even more true. This year the hottest gifts are those that commemorate the greatness of the city and the strength of the United States.($14.99, available at

George Foreman Grill
Food tastes better and is healthier when prepared on the patented George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine. Sloped grill surface drains excess liquids away from food making for a healthier meal. Floating hinge lets you cook thin to thick cuts of meat. ($19.99 available at Target)

Sports Tickets
Win the heart of any guy with some really good tickets to the game. Splurge and get the good seats and he won't be able to stop thanking you. Check out local ticketmasters or for the really hard to find tix.

13" Galileo Thermometer
Now a modernized version of an old-time temperature reading device can be yours! Our Galileo thermometer is inspired by the great Italian scientist himself, and stands 13" tall. Based on the system of suspending balls in a special liquid, ours makes the perfect accent piece for your home. ($29.99, available at Spencer Gifts)

Speedo Surf Runner Radio
World's smallest water-resistant FM radio is your ideal workout companion in or out of the pool. Lightweight and water-resistant; attaches to goggle strap, cap or visor. Best quality sound and reception, even in the water. ($39.95, available at Sharper Image)

4 Wheelers
Fun 4 Wheelers merge the comfort of a cool SKECHERS shoe with the glide of askate.($79.95, available at Sharper Image)

Mini Step & Flex 2.0
Compact stepper with upper-bodyworkout. Stepper easily hides away in a closet orunder a bed. Attach the long bar or single handles towork the upper body. LCD tracks time, number of steps,strides per minute and calories burned. ($99.95, available at Sharper Image)

Mini Step & Flex 2.0
Meade 60 mm digital electronic telescope. Electronic Control System with hand controller tracks celestial objects. Its 60mm refractive optical system has a 900mm focal length. Three .965" eyepieces; 3x Barlow lens; adjustable tripod with flip locks. ($299.95, available at Sharper Image) : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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