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Debonair Dave      
  holiday · gift guide · dave

Dave makes his rounds in the social circuit with ease. He is popular and well-educated with a bit ofsnobbery to him. He's cocky and fun and expects nothing but the best things out of life. In other words,"If it's not cashmere, I don't wear it!" Dave is well travelled and always looks immpecable. Sound likeyour guy, even if a bit exaggerated? Well check out these divine gifts...

Vintage Posters
Your options here are endless... if you really love your sweetie then splurge on the real thing, but beware that it's gonna cost you. If you are on a low budget, get a reproduction as they usually go for about $15. You can check ebay or other auction sites for the real vintage posters or just check out at $12.99, available at

Anything New York
If you didn't already know it, New York City is the greatest city on earth and after the September 11th attacks that idea is even more true. This year the hottest gifts are those that commemorate the greatness of the city and the strength of the United States.($14.99, available at

Digital Wine Thermometer
Red alert! That vintage cabernet is at optimum serving temperature. Digital thermometer with audible alert and backlit LCD display. Shows current temperature and optimum temperature in °F or °C. ($24.95, available at Sharper Image)

House of Leaves
This book has hit cult status and will be high on the list if your mate is an avid book reader. Author Mark Z. Danielewski, who by the way is brother of musician Poe, has created a novel thatsome describe to resemble Blair Witch had it been a book. The plot is intriguing and thought-provoking.A definite must-read if reading is your thing.($28, available at

13" Galileo Thermometer
Now a modernized version of an old-time temperature reading device can be yours! Our Galileo thermometer is inspired by the great Italian scientist himself, and stands 13" tall. Based on the system of suspending balls in a special liquid, ours makes the perfect accent piece for your home. ($29.99, available at Spencer Gifts)

Spicy Cocktail Picks
Liven up a platter of hors d'oeuvres with these nifty picks and even pigs in a blanket will seem like a delicacy! Set includes 3 picks expressing "merry, happy, and cheers."($32, available at Uncommon Goods)

Chess Set
The beautifully designed clear acrylic board doubles as a storage case. A true conversation piece, this eye-catching set will appeal to beginners and experts alike. There's nothing black and white about this game!($50, available at Uncommon Goods)

RhinoSkin Ti Slider
If your man can't be one second without his PDA, but always seems to be dropping it or hurting it in someway or another, this is the gift for him. The tough titanium will keep his PDA safe and keep him lookinglike the coolest guy in the office. Available for various types of PDA's including Handspring Visor and Palm products.($61.99, available at

Crosley Portable Record Player
Pop-open the lid of the 12lb beauty and start spinning away. The wood-paneled suitcase-a-go-go designassures us that somewhere in TV land, Dobie Gillis and his posse are grooving with approval.($129.99 available at Restoration Hardware)

24-Bottle Wine Cellar
Wanna make a wine connoisseur happy? Get them their own personal wine cellar and they can keep wine at the peak of flavor. 24-bottle storage capacity. 48°F to 60°F temperature range. Insulated double-pane glass door. Chrome racks and nesting basket.($389.95, available at Sharper Image) : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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