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Princess Penny      
  holiday · gift guide · penny

   "Oh, my god! I think I just broke a nail. Consuelo, come fix this!" is something you might hearduring a normal afternoon with Penny. She's very well educated and definitely Daddy's little girl. Don't you forget it!Penny gets whatever she wants when she wants it but isn't a snob, she just feels she's earned it. She's upon fashion and gossip and isn't afraid to tell you you're wrong. Sound like your gal, even if a bit exaggerated?Then check out these royal gifts...

Zebra Travel Accessories
She just can't get enough of zebras can she? Well, you're in luck with these cute little totes in 3 sizes. The largest is perfect for those essential everyday cosmetics or for toiletries on a weekend getaway. The PC case is the most stylish dust cover a palm pilot could ever ask for. And quick and easy touch-ups are at your fingertips with the little lipstick and pencil case - complete with magnifying mirror.(from $12, available at Uncommon Goods)

Anything New York
If you didn't already know it, New York City is the greatest city on earth and after the September 11th attacks that idea is even more true. This year the hottest gifts are those that commemorate the greatness of the city and the strength of the United States.($14.99, available at

American Flag
Nothing shows your patriotism better than a flag and in these tough times it is important for everyone to stand united. While a flag might not seem like a gift, it is appropriate for any American or anyone wanting to show their support of the United States.($19.99 for 3'x5' model)

House of Leaves
This book has hit cult status and will be high on the list if your mate is an avid book reader. Author Mark Z. Danielewski, who by the way is brother of musician Poe, has created a novel thatsome describe to resemble Blair Witch had it been a book. The plot is intriguing and thought-provoking.A definite must-read if reading is your thing.($28, available at

Heavy Heart Paperweight
Keep the thought of you on someone's mind (and desk) with this solid heart paperweight. Whether you give it to your mother, spouse, friend, or just keep it for yourself, this square pewter piece with inlaid red heart will bring a smile to the face of anyone whose home or office it adorns. ($29, available at Uncommon Goods)

Spa Kit
SPA KIT Includes: 2 bath bombs, 1spirit and soul soap, 1 butter bar, 1exfoliating sponge and 1 bath soak.Comes in paint-can container.($32, available at Delia's)

Spicy Cocktail Picks
For the ever enduring cocktail hostess... liven up a platter of hors d'oeuvres with these nifty picks and even pigs in a blanket will seem like a delicacy! Set includes 3 picks expressing "merry, happy, and cheers."($32, available at Uncommon Goods)

Beaded PDA Case
She's a stylish gal who's always on the edge of cutting technology and fashion... this is the perfect gift! Dress up her palm pilot for night life, meetings or get-togethers. This beautiful beaded case looks like a decorative wallet, but includes a Velcro attachment for your palm pilot! The case has room for a pen, credit cards and money. ($64, available at Uncommon Goods)

The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis and John Coltrane
This is sumptuous, vital music that's alternately exhilarating and emotive, rhythmically dynamic and smoothly flowing, complex and easy on the ear. It's music that defies classification. It's neither bebop nor hard bop yet has elements of both and remains contemporary to this day. If your mate is a Jazz freak, then freak them out with this gift and ensure yourself a big smooch!($98.97, available at

Canon ELPH 2 APS Camera
The Canon ELPH 2 Advance Photo System (APS) camera is the smallest zoom-lens-equipped camera on the market. Its precision 23-46mm 2x power-zoom lens allows you to compose your shots creatively. Its exclusive hybrid autofocus sharpens the lines for excellent photo reproduction. State-of-the-art Print Quality Improvement (PQI) records and integrates shooting data such as lighting, exposure and flash for exceptional accuracy. 1-yr. manufacturer's warranty. No. C13-4142. Imported. 2-1/5Hx3-2/5Wx9/10D"($179.99, available at Target)

Pioneer Portable DVD/CD/CD-R Player
Does your honey travel a lot? This is the perfect gift for those long plane rides... Ultra-compact DVD/CD/CD-R player features the industry's best and largest portable screen. 7"-wide LCD screen shows movies in their true 16:9 ratio and in other formats. Plays DVDs, CDs, Video CDs (VCD) and recorded CDs (CD-R/CD-RW). ($1299.95, available at Sharper Image) : Everything Dating from Pick-up to Break-up

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