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  dating advice · articles · 13 signs

5. He says, "I need some space" or "I think we should see other people."

According to psychologist Jesse Rabinowitz, Ph.D, people don't usually want to hurt someone else, so they use "exit strategies." By telling you he wants to see other people, he's not technically breaking up with you (so no big crying scene to endure) but he's given himself a way out. Of course, the second he gets a little distance, he's going to make a run for it.

6. If she's looking left, something's not right.

According to Bill Raduenz, private investigator, a person who looks up into the air and to the left when she speaks to you is "not being truthful." The look left is an indication we're using the "creative" side of our brains and a good indicator she's telling you a whopper.

7. He gives you that little pat on the back.

Watch out for this one. A person who gives you a hug while patting you on the back is indicating that they are uneasy. According to Raduenz, the "hand pat" on the back indicates someone is uncomfortable with what they're doing. The bigger the pat, the more discomfort they feel.

There's more. Another important sign that things may not be going well is the amount of contact during a hug. Full frontal contact is good. The one-shoulder hug, or pulling away in other areas could be a sign the person is "distancing" in the relationship. If it's a new relationship, the other person may not be quite ready for that level of physical contact. If it's an established relationship, it could be a sign the person is pulling away, or getting ready to break off the relationship.

8. You don't like what you see in the mirror.

People mirror each other's body language when they are in love with similar gestures, voice volume, etc. If you're noticing the two of you are out of sync, you probably are.

That's not all. According to body language expert Wood, a person who is about to dump you will display a lack of open "windows" towards you. "Windows" being his heart, eyes, neck and palms. If your man turns his heart (the center of his chest) away from you as you are talking to each other, it's a big sign he's not interested.

9. You see the writing on the wall.

According to graphologist Karen Weinberg, QDE, a person who is thinking of ending a relationship will show clues in her handwriting. When writing the word "love" she may begin to drop down the letter "e." Another sign to watch for is if your partner diminishes the size of your name (sign of your importance to her.)

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