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One-fourth of the people who lose their sense of smell also lose their desire for sexual relations.
Research has shown that sex, angry outbursts, and strenuous tennis are among the triggers identified as responsible for 17 percent of all heart attacks.
Studies show that Protestants and Jews married to Catholics have sex more frequently than those married to members of their own faith or in intermarriages of Protestants and Jews.
Two of the main causes of temporary impotence are tight pants and prolonged cigarette smoking.
The first issue of Playboy magazine appeared in December 1953, and sold for $.50. Its centerfold was a nude calendar photo of Marilyn Monroe, purchased by Hugh Hefner for $500.
In a survey conducted by a women's magazine, 70 percent of female respondents said they would rather have chocolate than sex, according to the Chocolate Manufacturers Association.
It was reported in 1992 that free-lance Dutch prostitutes would have to charge sales tax, but that they could write off items such as condoms and beds. The ruling stemmed from a 1990 court decision in The Netherlands that it was unfair to exempt self-employed prostitutes from the tax-charged brothels.
The average amount that high school kids spend on their prom is $724 (that includes $181 for a prom dress).
The cost of a one hour private "mile high club" excursion in an erotically outfitted Piper jet, for two, with the pilot and co-pilot hidden from view, including champagne: $295.
If they had to choose, most men would rather be 5 foot 2 inches tall with a 7 inch penis (62%), than 6 foot 2 inches tall with a 3 inch penis (36%).
The first striptease dance was performed in Paris France, on March 13, 1894.
Before there were condoms, ladies of the night would put a $5.00 gold piece in their vagina. This was supposed to prevent them from becoming pregnant.
A fluff girl is a female who keeps males sexually aroused when they are making an adult film. A fluff boy does the same for males in a gay adult film.
To increase the size of their penis, the men of some African Tribes, just prior to intercourse, would have bees sting their penis.
The first automatic vibrator was invented in 1869 and was steam powered, it was used to treat female disorders.
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