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  sexual healing · trivia · random trivia

21% of women worldwide have their partner chosen for them by their parents, and there nothing they can do about it.
In the Bohindu tribe in Africa, the husband has to remain celibate until his new wife become pregnant by another man.
In some places in Colombia, when the newly married couple has sex for the first time the bride's mother watches.
In the 1800's, doctors believe that too much sex caused a woman to become frigid and would drive her to hysteria or insanity.
Elite SS troops were not allowed to have sex with any women other than German women-any man breaking this rule was reported directly to Heinrich Himmler.
Elite Nazi women went to the Women's Academy of Wisdom and Culture. Only blue-eyes, attractive women were allowed. They were trained to be the future mothers of the pure German race, wives to the Nazi elite.
In 1933 the Nazi adopted the Eugenic Sterilization Law. Under this law, any German citizen who had physical deformities, blindness, deafness, mental illness, or a host or other problems would be sterilized, so they could not breed further imperfections into the race.
During the Inquisition, starting in 1430, many women were persecuted for having sexual relations with devils. Sometimes girls as young as nine were persecuted.
The first electrical dildo was sold in 1911.
Researchers claim that in parts of Africa, phallic statues were made of black stone, and oil was placed on them to appease the Phallic gods.
In Rome, female slaves were forced to wear chastity belts that would readily expose their genitalia for the sexual pleasure of their masters.
Chastity belts were often made in only one size. Larger women were forced to wear them and suffer the pain from the tight fit.
The most famous corseted woman of all time is Ethel Granger. She had a 13-inch waist. Her nose and nipples were pierced. She worked at a corset shop in London and died at age 83.
In the 1700's it was a popular belief in Europe that menstrual blood from a virgin could cure any disease.
Every year over 6,000 American men have penis-enlargement surgery. The average price is $4,000.
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